SotekComCentre was established in 2000. The key areas of the company’s activity are manufacture and supply of spare parts for railway transport.

The company’s products are parts of a set of wear-resistant elements for a freight car trucks, locking and sealing device, fitting stops for flat cars for the transportation of Containers, locking device for boxcars doors.

Cooperation with All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Railway Transport (VNIIZHT), Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), Design Bureau of Russian Railways, GVDT of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Engineering Center of Railway Transport and close interaction with the Technical Policy Department of Russian Railways, Technical Audit Centre of Russian Railways, Central Directorate of Infrastructure of Russian Railways OJSC, participation in the Commonwealth Member State Rail Transport Council, international exhibitions of railway transport give us an opportunity to be at the peak of new technology development and implementation.

SotekComCentre and the Department of Federal Penalty Service of Russia have launched a unique long-term foundry production, geared towards the high quality standards set for rolling stock parts. The equipment and personnel qualification provide full scope of incoming and output inspection of materials and finished products.

SotekComCentre’s production facilities make the company well suited for mass production of castings from 1,000 tonnes per month, stamped, welded and complicated assembled parts from 100,000 units per month, including those requiring high workload and heat treatment.